Kingdoms and Realms

Áit Báscáth: When the God-Lich rose to power some 200 years prior, his power and influence wiped most of the realms of man from the map, establishing his own kingdom that spanned the bulk of the continent. Áit Báscáth, the Kingdom of the God-Lich himself, spans the majority of the central and southern lands of Anrath, encompassing the previous kingdoms of Miriewyn, Adakar, Rysa, and Inareil. After establishing his power, he granted kingdoms on their own to his generals and provinces within his realm to those who served him and helped him to rise to power. Some of these provinces are listed below

Kazdar When the hobgoblin clan of the Broken Fist swore fealty to the God Lich, they did so on the promise they would be allowed to reclaim their ancient homeland. After a crushing victory against the Empyrean Order in their mountain stronghold, the Broken Fist conquered much of the surrounding lands, extending their domain throughout the Daggerspine Mountains and into the valleys of the Goldwater Lake. The God Lich rewarded them with the forests and mountains of the regions of Adakar. They renamed the region formerly part of the Adakar kingdom as Kazdar, a play on the Dwarven Kingdom of Kazak, their leader Kaz-mur, and the old king of Adakar.

Ashfall Once the proud elven forests of Miriewyn, home of the High Elves, the land is now a destitute place of skeletal trees and thick ash. When the God-Lich moved upon the elven kingdom, he opened a portal to the Abyss that summoned forth great demons of ash and fire, enveloping the land and forever perverting it to darkness. The demons still hold sway in the barren landscape, making in a place few dare to venture.

Argamah: The now desolate northern wastes, once the home of the proud human kingdom of Prylith and the gnomish realm of Toesh, the northern realms of Anrath are ruled by the risen dracolich, Zyrephilyam. When the God-Lich resurrected Zyreph from its thousand years of death, using the body of the ancient gold dragon hero Yllasandivanyx, he promised it dominion over the lands of the north in exchange for its help in the destruction of the Feywild, carrying out the God Lich’s vengeance upon the creatures of the Fey. After driving the humans of Prylith towards the frozen north of Thranos, he proceeded to push the gnomes deep into their mountain homes. Now, he is slowly corrupting the land under his influence, making the northern reaches into a dark realm.

Desrain: When the night hag Desra joined forces with the God Lich to overthrow the kingdoms of man, she was granted the swamps of the old kingdom Blackmoor as her reward. Joining with her hag sisters, she formed a powerful Coven to rule the swamps of the land, extending her foul reach further beyond the swamps. The once natural land has become foul and polluted, a dangerous disease floating in the air itself to infect the unwary travelers who dare to venture in the hags domain.

Isle of Avylerin: The last bastion of the elven race, Avyleirn holds the hope of all elven kind. When the demons of ash and fire began to sweep across the elven homeland of Miriewyn, the elves were forced to flee across the straits to the Isle, leaving their ancient homeland behind. The high elves, once proud and mighty in the capital of Erilyn, were forced to live among their wood elven cousins, attempting to rebuild what they had once had. A precarious safety rests in the Isle kingdom, as the elven rulers try to reclaim their homeland across the waters.

Kazak: The kingdom of the dwarves, once a prominent force on the surface, sealed itself inside their mountain homes nearly two centuries past, cutting off contact with the majority of the surface realm. Their isolation secured their freedom from the God Lich, but also caused a lot of resentment among the neighboring kingdoms as well as the hill dwarf clans that were stranded outside the safety of the mountain halls. There are rumors of secret passages that the mountain dwarves use to access the surface to trade their goods and maintain a small presence on the land, but no one to date as discovered their secret ways in and out of the hallowed depths.

Larudan: Home of the seafaring folk, the Larudians were largely spared from the atrocities that occurred on the main continent. They quickly became a place of refuge and shelter for the people of Adakar that fled upon the collapse of their kingdom. The people of Larudan tend towards an olive-skinned complexion, with bright eyes of green, blue, and lavender; they often dress in brightly colored clothes and dye their hair to match, though after centuries of hosting humans of other lands, they have a much more varied appearance now.

Drake Isle: Some hundred years ago, a fleet of ships landed on one of the isles owned by Larudan, bearing strange draconic creatures known as Dragonborn. They claimed to have fled from their home continent, Arrannian, the land that had birthed them, when the dracolich Zyrephilyam made contact, engaging in a war with the true dragons that had lived there and turning the island into a war zone. The Larudian government granted them one of the larger isles to settle on, and the Dragonborn have proven themselves a valued faction of the isles.

Seng Empire: One of the last bastions of humanity on the continent, the Seng Empire swore fealty to the God Lich after he conquered the kingdom of Adakar. They joined their armies with his, marching on the kingdoms of Inariel and Rysa, helping him to take those lands for their own. In return, they were allowed free control of the deserts they called home, though the God Lich took all the fertile land the Seng Empire once owned as his own. Life in the Empire has become hard over the last centuries, with the Empire forced to trade for most of their goods. Their people tend to reflect the nature of their region, with sun bronzed skin and golden hair, with bright, amber eyes.

Shanaval: During the wars, the free peoples of the realms fled to the eastern kingdom of Shanaval, establishing a final front against the encroaching evil. Calling themselves “The Last Free People” of the continent, the people who have settled in Shanaval are proud of their history of resistance against the God Lich and his generals. There has been an uneasy truce between the last free kingdom of man and the forces of the God Lich, with raids common along the border realms. No one knows why the God Lich chose to halt his conquest of the mainland with a single unallied kingdom remaining, but the people of Shanaval live a hard life, knowing that at any moment the God Lich may turn his eye upon their small kingdom.

Toesh:  Once thought lost, the gnomes of the Kingdom of Toesh abandoned their surface dwellings and holdings and fled to the safety of the underground, secreted away in their capital city of Komheim.  For centuries the gnomes have lived in isolation, keeping their final bastion against the forces of the Lich a secret from the outside realm.  Ever industrious, they have never stopped working on advancing their technology and magic, seeking a way to reclaim their surface lands.

Valmar: Once the capital of the Kingdom of Blackmoor, the peoples of that land fled to the isles that were the seat of the government when the swamps turned against them. They have solidified themselves upon the isles, but life is hard for the Valmar people, constantly having to maintain guard against the encroachment of the denizens of the swamps into their island territory.

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