Deities of Light

Valdhar is revered as a God of Honor and Valor, the epitome of justice. He rules the good aligned deities in dispensing wisdom to the realms of man. He is credited with the creation of the Human race, with his brother, Mogash, and is said to be the one that gave humans their capacity for good and order. He is also a warrior for righteousness, taking up arms against evil in the cosmos. As such he is often worshiped by fighters, paladins, and clerics who strive to bring Law and Good to the realm.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: War, Tempest, Protection
Azderak is worshiped as the God of the Forge, metalwork, arms and armor, sometimes called the Forgefather. When the cosmos were young and formless, it is said that Azderak breathed the spark that would form the world, and forged it with his hands in the fires of the stars. He created the dwarves from the rock of the mountains, imbuing them with his desire to create and carry on his legacy in the realms of man. He is the husband of Anshirru. Azderak is the patron deity of the dwarves and blacksmiths, and anyone that works with the metals of the earth.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Knowledge, Forge
Anshirru is the embodiment of the heavens, representing both sun and moon, the stars and the sky. When Azderak, her husband, forged the world, Anshirru was there to give it light. She is often seen as having a dual personality, sometimes fiery and brilliant as the sun, and other times soft and gentle as the moon. The one thing that is constant is that she abhors darkness and the evil that lurks within the shadows. Her worshippers are found in all walks of life.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Light, Tempest
Caerawyn is the Goddess of Music, Arts, and Poetry, and the creator of the Elven race. When she created the Elves, she blessed them with a long life so that they could bring further beauty to the world, and better appreciate the joys to be found. She is a carefree spirit, dancing among the gods with laughter and song, delighting the cosmos. She is worshiped by the elves, as well as bards, minstrels, artists, and others who appreciate beauty in the world.

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Light, Life
Tuyom is the Goddess of Life. She is venerated as the goddess of agriculture, fertility, and health. She is concerned with the betterment of the races of the realm, and is often worshipped by farmers and healers. She is sometimes referred to as the Mother, due to her affectionate love of the mortals. She abhors necromancy in all its incarnations, and looks upon with disfavor any who would consider it.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Life, Nature

Deities of Neutrality

Baljat is the God of Magic, responsible for gracing the world with the weave through with all arcane spell casters derive their power. He is also associated with scholarly pursuits, and is often worshiped by academics. He is the head of the neutral aligned deities, providing council in order to prevent the balance of the world from tipping towards good or evil too much. Though it is rare for him to have any clerics, it’s not unheard of for some academic monasteries to be devoted to him, nor for the occasional wizard to say a short prayer before casting.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Arcana
Solanes is the Goddess of Nature, the Wilds and untamed lands. While Azderak created the mountains and Anshirru the heavens, Solanes brought the growth of life to the land, and populated it with the creatures that inhabit it and sustain the mortal races. She is an agent of balance, seeking to keep the realms in harmony with each other, favoring neither Law nor Chaos, Good nor Evil, but recognizes the need for all to maintain the world. She is often worshipped by druids and rangers.

Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Nature, Life
Maecyn is the Goddess of the Sea and the bringer of storms. When the realm was younger and Solanes was populating the world of the untamed forests, Maecyn covered the world with the oceans, filling them with life. She is a force to be reckoned with, her anger bringing forth the fiercest of storms that could destroy a fleet at her whim. It’s said that her breath gives the waves their form, her tears their saltiness. She is worshipped by all sea-faring people, who seek her blessing before any journey upon the waves.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Nature, Tempest
Ronox is the God of Invention, a tinkerer by trade who delights in the arts of crafting that require a fine hand and intricate skill. He is the alchemist, the tailor, the engineer, the gem smith. He was the first to give life to the gnomes, molding and shaping them from earth as Azderak did the dwarves, but granting them their inquisitive nature to tinker and explore the world. He is worshipped by the gnomes as well as skilled artisans and those who tinker and invent.

Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Forge
Tyraeus is the God of the Road, the patron deity of travelers and adventurers. He is a God of fortune and luck, blessing those who travel across the realm. It is he who gave life to the Halflings, imbuing them with their fun loving nature. He is a jokester god, with a mischievous bent, who is constantly travelling the cosmos. He is worshipped by Halflings, as well as anyone who travels. Some bards and rogues find him a suitable fit to their own wandering lifestyle.

Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Trickery

Deities of Darkness

Mogash is the ruler of the evil deities, God of Vengeance, Slaughter, and Envy. When Valdhar and Mogash first created the race of man, Mogash imbued within humans their capacity for evil, forever corrupting them. When Valdhar learned of Mogash’s treachery, he united with the other gods to banish him from their plane of existence. In anger, Mogash swore revenge and created the race of Orcs in order to wage war on the other races of the world. In his solitude, he gathered together the other evil deities to exert influence on the Material Plane. He is the patron God of the Orcs, as well as evil barbarians and butchers.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: War, Tempest
Kyros the Tyrant is the God of War, Tyranny, and Destruction. Unlike Mogash, Kyros believes in a strict and demanding Order to the world in order to control and destroy the realm of good. He is a fierce warrior, a champion to those who would see others oppressed and brought to heel. He is often worshipped by evil warriors and blackguards.

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: War
Aradel of the Night is the Goddess of Darkness, Shadows, and Hatred. She is the patron deity of assassins, favoring covert murder rather than open warfare. She embraces the shady underside of the world, especially the deep places of the Starless Vaults where her influence is strongly felt. Her words drip with venom, and she nurtures a resounding hatred of Anshirru and her gift of light to the world. She is worshipped by many of the Starless Vault races, as well as assassins and evil rogues.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Trickery
Izual is the Goddess of Death and Decay, known as the Lady of Death, or sometimes the Dark Lady. She finds joy in bringing pestilence and plague to the world, striking down the righteous and bringing them back as twisted perversions of life as spawns of undeath. She is often worshipped by necromancers, though it is not unusual for even good folk to say a prayer to her when plague befalls them.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Death
Wrazul is the Lord of Secrets and Lies, the embodiment of greed and vice. He delights in the tales of darkness, spinning his poison into people’s minds to twist them towards darker purposes. He prefers to trick men into falling towards evil, corrupting good people’s souls and bringing them into the dark. He is often worshipped by small cultists and rogues who prefer to deal in information than in blades.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Trickery

Lesser Deities

While the Gods and Goddesses listed above represent the Greater Deities of the realms, a host of lesser gods and goddesses exist in the cosmos, with much smaller portfolios and worshiped on a smaller scale. While Solanes may be the Goddess of Nature, there may also be lesser deities relating to specific aspects of nature, such as a goddess of waterfalls. Mogash may be the prime god of slaughter in the world, but some of the evil humanoids may have their own lesser gods, such as a god of goblinoids and the like.

Players are welcome to expand the lesser powers of the world working with the DM.

Keiral, the Goddess of the Dead and Guardian of Souls, is the practically unknown daughter of Izual. During the times of the God War, when the Gods of Light and Dark waged war against each other for the souls of Anrath, Keiral turned against the wickedness of her mother, seeing her mother's ways as an abomination against the natural order of life and death. Allying herself with the Goddess of Life, Tuyom, Keiral made a pact to overthrow her mother and preserve the sanctity of death. It was not to be, however, as Izual discovered her plans and banished Keiral, stripping her of her powers. In recent times, she has gained in strength to try and spread her influence across the land, choosing a champion from amongst the mortal realms....

Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Grave
Kurgthylbiat, the lesser God of Goblins, is a minor deity of goblin-kind that relishes in the cruel and wicked ways of his people. Strength and deviousness are his main concerns, encouraging goblin kind to squash the weak and trick and deceive the strong. Goblinoids of all walks of life receive his blessings.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: War, Trickery


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