The Town of Éshelor

A small mining town along the border of the country of Shanaval, not much was known of the town.  Home to a faction of the Church of Izual, dedicated to the martial arts, the town traded its services to the Church in exchange for basic protection.  The cost came high, however, as the Church demanded the first born male of every family be given over to them for training and indoctrination, a practice that the town begrudgingly accepted.  Life on the fringes of society was dangerous, and protection from a prominent church helped keep the town safe from marauders as well as plague and famine.

As fates would have it, Éshelor became the meeting place of a band of disparate adventurers, none seeking fame or fortune, but all thrown together at a time when the world was beginning to change.  The Church of Izual allied itself with the Dracolich of the north, and decided to use Éshelor was a staging point for their invasion into the Kingdom of Shanaval.  The heroes fought the church, managing to defeat their and learning of dark secrets along the way that could change the very foundation of the world.

And thus did Éshelor become the birthplace of the hope of the world, a small, now-abandoned, mining town on the fringe of civilization.

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