The City of Komheim

The gnomish capital of Komheim is a marvel of magical and technological ingenuity.  The gnomish people are masters at technology and runic magic, infusing magic through the uses of scripture and runes into their technology to create marvels not seen on the surface.

Entrance to the city for most is through teleportation circles in the outer tunnels that are hidden behind walls forged from illusion that deceive people into believing they are real, blending into the stonework themselves.  The gnomes travel through the large underground cavern through floating rocks engraved with runes to move around on set paths.

An elaborate system of carved tunnels and mirrors provides illumination for the city through sunlight and the growth of plants, and at night the city if illuminated through a bio-luminescent fungus that fills the underground cavern with a faint blue glow.  There are several hidden ways to the surface, allowing the gnomes to pursue activities both above and below ground.

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