Chapter One: The story of Ug-ma the Righteous  

     Long ago before the time of the god-lich there was a lonely heroic goblin that stood out from the rest, his name was Ug-ma. From humble beginnings Ug-ma was a slave however he had a wife and two sons, all of who indentured permanently to the Hobgoblin warroir Doh-rag. His immediate group had been tasked with raiding the farmlands to allow the advancement of a small scale invasion, where he ran into a mercenary band. Confident in their abilities his leader decided to attack this group of well equipped but outnumbered group. It was a mistake, for it was the last time Ug-ma would know his friends to be alive. Immediately, one of them turned into a wolf, a tiny dragon threw fire with the intensity of his masters,  a maniac started to spew the innards of his companions, and arrows flew from afar. It was not long before Ug-ma was the only one left and in his cowardice he tried to flee, but he was too slow as the wolf caught him and tore off his left leg. Before Ug-ma thought he knew what true evil was. 
    Almost immediately Ug-ma thought he was dead as blood began to gush from the wound of his now missing leg. But to his dismay, they mercenary band took pity on him, and held the wound shut with rope they had. He quickly found out that they were not trying to help him, but rather trying to find out what he was doing. This definitive moment was the longest moment of Ug-ma’s entire life. After closing his wound the life began to fade from his eyes, but soon found himself awake again after being force fed the most joyous fruit he had ever tasted. Before him stood a most average man. He was not handsome nor was he ugly. What he did remember though was the fact that he was not friendly not in the least. The most evil man that ever existed Mark the Human Arrow.  He began questioning Ug-ma in the goblin tongue. For every failed answer Ug-ma was stabbed. He could see the light over and over, being forced to eat berry after berry. Stabbed again and again until they were satisfied.  Ug-ma wished death’s embrace would overcome him for goblins were not even capable of this kind of torture. Eventually, an angel arrived from the back of the group, tears stream down her face and demanded the release of Ug-ma. Her name was Evelynn the Archangel of Vengeance.  And after much deliberation, the group decided to agree with Evelynn, and that this torture mustn’t continue. However this even was not over, as they decided to return his leg in the form of shoving a rotting stick into the hole where his leg had once been, Ug-ma begged them if they were to attack not to harm his family. Irrationally upset that his rope was still on Ug-ma’s leg the vile Robert decided to end Ug-ma’s life once and for all.  There had been another angel in Ug’ma’s embrace Yillisadi who redirected the knife thrown at Ug-ma. A battle erupted between the group, and Evelynn aided in the escape of Ug-ma where she took him to tend to his wounds. 

     After a week of healing and rest Ug-ma awakens to find the most beautiful creature he’d ever encountered. Evenlynn had rarely left his side during his recovery. It was then that Ug-ma knew what true love would be. It was that of the Gods. Evelynn did what she knew best, she began the teachings of the order. Inviting each and every creature to their holiness. Days pass and the mercenary group re-enters town, only those of true evil return at the with they feel as glorious news. They had slain Doh-rag, and liberated the war camp for the paladin order. Frantically, he asked everyone in sight to learn if his family was spared. It was Mark, who told him that he personally slew his family. His wife, his sons, his future all dead. It was then he knew what his true purpose in the world must be. Rid the world of all evil-doers that embody the hatred and despair surrounding the vile Mark.
     Ug-ma knew he did not stand a chance in a direct battle against Mark and his allies. So he must train to become stronger. Gathering strength from Evelynn, Ug-ma began learning the teachings of her paladin order. Understanding they ways  of Valdhar, Azderak, Anshiruu, Caerawyn, and Tuyom he sees that they provide a greater strength his old gods could never provide. The feeling of how love and friendship empower the heart to give the willpower to slay evil. 

     The order had now taken control of the outpost and it is here where Ug-ma separated himself from the rest. For the second time ever, a member of the mercenary band fashioned him an intricate leg. Prepared for battle Ug-ma and the order march for the Hobgoblin warlord Kaz-mur’s Fortress. A final fight soon to be know as the end of the world. He marched at Evelynn’s side for 3 days straight to arrive at and see an army vastly inferior to order. Within minutes of arrival the siege began arrows fly, rocks launched and all had seemed to go well. The lynchpin of their plan was to buy time so the mercenary band could infiltrate and slay their leader.  To Ug-ma’s dismay they betrayed the order unleashing a demon of unnatural proportions. Fire hails from the sky raining down on the unsuspecting paladins. The tide of the battle sways and in a panic a full retreat begins within the ranks of the paladins. Now burned Ug-ma rushes to find Evelynn to find that she had all but been conscious. He made prayer to the gods as he had often learned to do, but this time he believed it. As he went to touch Evelynn he felt invigorated and empowered the wounds from her charred body became imbued with the godly resonance which healed her entirely. Finding the nearest horse he set off with Evelynn to warn the others of their failed attack. 

     Years following the attack Ug-ma and his paladins friends did all they could do to slow the onslaught that the vile Mark had beset upon the land. It was at this time that Evelynn hatched an idea. She woke blessed with a vision from Tuyom and Anshirru showing the cold and abhorrent world that was yet to come. Her vision was not all darkness, as they also showed her the potential savior of this world. It was an odd order of paladins that had arose from the darkness to answer the call. Their vision was of an order that she had now entrusted Ug-ma to begin, and infiltrate to spread the word among his fallen brethren throughout the god-lich’s armies. Though weak and often enslaved, they showed potential when imbued with the power of the gods. 

    From here Ug-ma ventured to the first goblin village he could find to spread the holy word of the gods, where he founded The Order of The Prosthetic Leg. 

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