Chapter Two

From the Journal of Omega
17th Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237

Well…. now what?

So, we put our heads together and came up with this great idea to have the towns folk draw out the remaining Monks. They were to be a distraction while we snuck in behind them and that way we could avoid fighting as much as possible. What seemed like a good idea turned out to work… but at a pretty high cost… As we snuck into the temple behind all the monks, I could see the poor towns people being crushed by the remaining monks there…. It was terrible… but they had their purpose and we had ours.

After we entered the temple we had to find the catacombs. I only had a rough idea of where it might be. We had to fight our way past around 10 of my brothers just to get to it. Those betrayers will face Izuals wrath. We were lucky enough to find our way into the temple’s catacombs through a secret switch… well.. kinda switch. There were two jewels in the eyes of a skull that, when pressed, pushed the alter aside and revealed a stairway down. After we entered my worst fears were confirmed. We ran into a small horde of undead, no doubt the work of this corrupt church. Izual will be pleased with the work I am doing.

We dispatched our enemies and continued our search for the mayor and other high priority targets. We ran into many strange monsters in these catacombs. Undead and skeletons were expected but… there was this cube like creature that seemed to be alive… It almost consumed one of my new companions. I guess the church was using it to clean the flesh off of bones before they raised the undead as skeletons. After many wrong turns, we came upon a door that was being guarded by a very strong looking monk that had traveled here with my old friend. With him was this abomination…. A skeleton with 4 arms… it just wasn’t right… Thanks to a POWERFUL hit with a crossbow from our half Orc friend, we made quick work of the guard. Lucky too, that guy was definitely one of the strongest I have seen from this order… When we entered that door that had been guarded we came across the halfling’s father. I guess the others had already been killed and they were in the process of torturing this man for more information. Once we rescued him, we made a quick getaway out of the back of the tunnels and found a secret entrance about a mile out of town that leads straight into the catacombs under the church. This can prove to be very useful later. Looking around we could see smoke coming from the city and I am sure those people are still being slaughtered. Where do we go from here???

From the Journal of Darion
17th Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237

So, just for the record, almost dying (multiple times) sucks!

And so does getting swallowed by some acidic goop cube!!

Lucky my friends (old and new) were there to help me. They pulled me out of that cube thing and kept me from dying the other times too.

Starting from the beginning. After we rested and recovered, we made our way back to town where the guards, the ones we had rescued the night before, were waiting for us, with some of the towns people. They were going to create a diversion for us so we could find a way into the temple. They knew they had no chance but they were going to fight any, could we do any less?

We were able to get into the temple easily, all the monks and guards were beating on the towns people. The demon, Omega, lead us through the temple. We had to fight a few of the clergy, but we found a secret door and a way down to the catacombs. Down we went. We fought more clergy, zombies (that didn’t sit well with Omega), skeletons and that damn cube. We even fought some skeleton hands (no bodies, just hands!!) for gods sake!!

We faced a powerful member of the clergy with an abomination of a skeleton (it had four arms!)

Neferiti scored a hard hit on the cleric with her crossbow and Oog-Rok (the goblin) did the same on the skeleton. Unfortunately, the cleric was still able to cast a spell that took down Oog-Rok. It felt like he opened up a gate to the Abyss!! It was dark and I felt unseen things clawing at me. Luckily, I was able to push through and take the head of the damned cleric and we finished off the skeleton.

We revive Oog-Rok and found a magical key for a door behind the alter. We found Carrisa’s father there, along with the bodies of the Mayor and the mining foreman. They were all being tortured for information. They used ghouls to feed on them to get what they wanted. We dispatched (well, Oog-Rok and Carrisa did) the ghouls and freed Carrisa’s father. We also found some items that Oog-Rok (how?) and Idrathor (the drow; who’s a healer!) were able to determine were magical.

We followed a corridor out of the catacombs and ended up in a cave away from town. Looking toward the town, we could see smoke. It looks like the diversion the town guard gave us spilled out into the town. Not sure if the temple did it in retaliation or if the towns people are rioting. Now we have to decide where we go from here. We are all beat up and could use some rest to recoup from our ordeals, but do we have time. The temple army is marching on the garrison a days march from here. There were plans we found in the catacombs that point to some kind of incursion the temple has planned into the gnome tunnels from the mines. There is still Carrisa’s father, do we leave him here unprotected. Do we escort him to the Capital and warn them, maybe getting some help from there (though I doubt it). And there is the town; can we leave whatever is left of the town guard and the people to the mercies of the temple? If clergy isn’t mad about the “attack” on the temple the guards made, they will be once they realize what we did. It won’t take long for them to figure out the town had some hand in on it. What will they do? What will we do?

On top of all that; I was finally able to grasp the magic “force” I’ve been trying to get a handle on. I understand what my instructors were saying now. I feel stronger now. The books and spells I’ve been studying suddenly make sense and I can understand them. I feel like I’ve mastered use the magic enough to be able to cast spells.

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