Chapter Three

From the Journal of Omega
17th Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237

Finishing the job…

We went back to the town to help the townsfolk still alive. I know a lot of them had died fighting for their freedom. Izual will be honored by these deaths. We managed to clear out the remaining monks, probably about 20 of them in total. I picked up a necklace that has Izual’s symbol on it. I was also given a ring by Neferiti. She said that I had to have some form of thanks for the effort and companionship that I was showing in siding with them and not the church. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Killing your friends and family is not something that just comes naturally. If only they could see the error of their ways. I guess it will be my job to introduce them to Izual personally. If they can’t see their mistakes here I am sure she will show them just how ridiculous their plans are, and I don’t suspect it will be pleasant.

After we finished clearing out the town we headed back to Neferiti’s tavern. I guess everyone wanted to relax for a minute and grab drinks…. I don’t know… anyway, when we approached the tavern we could see that something wasn’t right. I glanced in through the window and saw Nadir standing with a couple of tough looking monks at his sides. Two others were spreading alcohol around in what I assumed to be an attempt to set the place on fire using the alcohol as a source of fuel. We suck around the back of the bar and Neferiti and Darion walked in to talk the monks down. It didn’t seem to go to well since the only thing Nadir wanted was me and a fight broke out.

Darion lit the place on fire and we slammed the doors closed on everyone inside….. great plan…. they just extinguished the flames using presjidijijijdidjijdiation, turned around, and walked out the front door…. Eventually this all lead to a fight where we had to finish off the monks and we managed to subdue Nadir and bind his hands. The monks were not looking to kill since they were strategically knocking out my companions as to capture us and probably torture us for information before killing us and turning us into undead as well…. We brought everyone back inside the tavern and waited for people to recover from the fight. Eventually we were going to interrogate Nadir and find out what was going on and how we could stop the Dracolich, as this was an immediate threat in our region. However, as soon as Oog-rok woke up, he waddled over and stuck his rapier straight into Nadir skull. I guess he felt justified “ridding this region of the most evil thing he has ever seen”….. So much for our info…. I knew when Neferiti would wake that she would be pissed. I didn’t need to deal with this crap so I snuck up stairs to write…. Oh shit she just woke up… I can hear her yelling at Oog-rok.. It sounds like they are fighting.. Anyway, I am tired and I really need to rest. Hopefully they don’t kill each other, I still need them to help me with my goals… I’ll write more when I find time.

From the Journal of Darion
17th Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237

Not sure how I feel about the results of our current adventures.

After escaping the catacombs, having rescued Carissa’s father, we heading into town to see if we could save anyone. We ran into some of the temple guards killing an unarmed towns woman! While we were fighting them, more guards showed up. We got hurt some, but we were able to take care of them all.

We headed to Carissa’s home, and ran in a few monks loading dead town’s folk onto a cart. I almost died, again, but the party saved me. We were able to overcome the monks. When we made it to Carissa’s home, there were more guards trying to break in. We were able to sneak closer before they realized we were there and after a hard fight we prevailed. We got into her home and took an hour to catch our breath. We gathered up her and her father’s belongings. She gifted us an item/gem of our choosing!! I was able to get the requirements for a couple of spells, thanks to Neferiti giving me her gift.

We made our way to the Depths of Hell, Neferiti’s bar, and found Neferiti’s brother there, with a cleric and a couple monks. These weren’t ones from the Temple, least that’s what Omega said; they must have come south with him. They were dousing the bar with alcohol, to set it ablaze we guessed. Neferiti wanted to talk to her brother, so we burst into the back door to try and talk to him. He only wanted to talk to Omega, “the traitor” and ordered his underlings to take us and set the bar a fire and left.

We were able to lock the doors and were rounding the bar to try and catch him, to give Neferiti another chance to talk to him, but his underlings had made it out of the bar and we had to deal with them first. The party was split, with Carrisa and Omega going the opposite way then the rest of us, to try and lock the front door. That left the rest of us, beat and battered, to try and take our four opponents. Oog-Rok ran back the way we came and then I saw why; the cleric had casted the same dark barrier that the cleric in the catacombs casted, Oog-Rok almost died to that. Neferiti and I, with some back up (WAY back) from Idrathor, were able to take able to break the cleric’s concentration and hold our own until the others showed up; but we soon fell to our enemy.

The others fought on and were able to revive us. We were able to take out all the underlings and Oog-Rok did something to Neferiti’s brother where he couldn’t move (need to find out how). Neferiti ended up tackling her brother before being rendered unconscious, actually I think half the party was unconscious at this point, and the rest of us were able to pummel him unconscious as well. (Carrisa show amazing restraint as she was the one to deal the blow that knock him unconscious and she didn’t go for a death blow).

We tied up the brother and dragged everyone inside the bar, which was singed but none the worse for wear. We decided to rest some to wait for the unconscious members to awaken. Oog-Rok woke first. He got up, walked over to the brother, and stabbed him in the head!! An unarmed, unconscious, tied up prisoner! He didn’t say a word or give any indications of his intent. Neferiti and Idrathor woke later. When Neferiti saw what had happened, she attacked Oog-Rok (after letting out a scream), which is understandable. Then she started to choke him, that’s when I tackled her off of him. Then the melee broke out. Carrisa went after Oog-Rok with her blade and Idrathor tried to step in. Neferiti finally ended the ruckus by bellowing for everyone to stop, the stormed upstairs to drink.

What’s next for us? I have hustle gotten used to everyone, is this the end? Will everyone stay together or go our own way? Even if we stay together, where will we go?

From the Journal of Oog-rok
17th Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237

Daagaan daan daagaan lhon draaklaakhec daan zel’daan ghuuc or daan shor, der daan her dhakhaar. Ar ghec torlaarec daan dagaal’daal rhan duun daan duul, daagaan daan dhuuc daan okegaan duul mal rhaac kokaal rhec Ogech. Daan dagaal’daal daan taar tac akec dhuun dar ghuul shuun or har akech daan haar duun daan shelaac shor. Daagaan A dhaach ar ac ghec maar. Daan ghuun zel’daan ghuun Ogech haaguuc a magaan ogaar taac ac ghec okegaan keklaan. A maal daac ac daagaan dar maan ghon huul dhuur men tec. Shuulkaan maach or mec dakhaar. Aklaar ghech shuukaagakhec ac dhekec or daan agaan kuulec dhuur Olkaarluul. A druun khruur muul dar maan dac der mel, rhor a muul ac ghec maar dar A dech mech den ogech ghac or draal duc. Olkaarluul den duun koc alkhuul, rhor ghec zal’dec duur okuugarlaan mel duun kaaruuc daan rhakhaan. Ar an druul duun daan kan ghuulkaac. Daan or an okarlaal kelaan duuraan ac Dhaalkaagaan. a volec draalerthaan duun okuulaan daan huulkhaar or Zal’dar ac han or. A dec duun ghuraach ach an kuun. A dalaan ac daan shelaac shor. Daan zel’daan rhaan akuuken kuc oc a dakaan, khruun okaan man tac den ghuukaar. A hoch or ghec kakher ac hor ac oc duun daan ghuuraar rhaakluugaan maan shac kaaluugaar. Men dragaan dech khraagaar shuukuuch den duur.

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