Chapter Six

From the Journal of Darion
23rd Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237

We arrived at the Gnome’s City.

After encountering the Gnomish party, they asked us to surrender our arms and armor. We complied as there was no other way we were going to be let into the city otherwise. After being lead to a kind of teleporter and ported to another location, the Gnomes required us to put on magical shackles of some sort. We were told that the shackles, basically two bracelets as there was no chains linking them, would cut off any person wearing them from magical sources, weather mystical or divine in origin. We complied with their demand as, again, we would not be allowed to continue without doing so.

We were lead to a large cavern, not blindfolded strangely enough, where we got our first glimpse of the city. It was massive, spanning the entire cavern as far as you could see. It looked to rival any city on the surface and I’m sure it put many to shame. I asked about the construction of the city and was told that the Gnomes came upon the cavern centuries ago and began to build their city in it. As the years, advanced and their technology evolved, they expanded on the city.

We were lead to a crevice that had multiple floating barges that flew up to and past our area. We were informed that these barges were used to carry the citizens of the city to various areas of the city. Like a magical wagon of sorts. We boarded a barge with a copper colored marker and were whisked away. Our captors/guides explained that we would be put up, at the expense of our captor, in an inn while awaiting the decision on whether we would be able to see the council (I guess that’s better than the dungeons we traveled through while coming to the cavern!). We were also informed that we were required to stay at the inn until the decision was made on whether we could see the council or not was made.

When we arrived at the inn, (the Coppernose or some such name!) we found the tavern area pretty crowded with gnomes. The noise stopped as we entered, with every eye turning to us, or rather Idrathor! There were quite a few battle tested warriors sitting around and I was sure they were ready to come at us, if not for our escort. She (Kellien, I believe) approached the barkeep (and owner it turns out) and conversed with him for a few minutes. Afterward, they came to us and he welcomed us to his establishment. The room and noise seemed to return to normal after this, but I could see there was still tension in the room. The guards that accompanied us here, sat at tables with the warriors that were already at the inn when we entered. You could see, they were not relaxing any. We were lead to a table, the area cleared of all the other patrons, and we found ourselves in the back corner of the tavern/inn. I could see that Omega did not seem to be relaxing, at first, as he sat away from the table, making it easy for him to do his attacks and kicks. At least this seemed his plan, until he started speaking with the Innkeeper!

The Innkeeper came over (this Coppernose) and inquired on our needs and told us his was one of the few that were of a size to house larger sized individuals. We ordered the house special, flank of goat or some such, but then Omega started inquiring about some special fire ale or fire whiskey, or some such drink. This peaked Coppernose’s interest and they started an intense conversation on how Omega knew about such a thing and how rare (expensive!) such a thing would be if he did have one. Omega was excited (the first time I’ve seen him such!) when Coppernose said he did have a flask of this drink but has not opened it yet, as no one has inquired about it before. Omega jumped at the change to get a taste of this drink and even agreed to paying 10g (!!) for a shot of it. The others all decided to partake of it as well. Am I the only one noticing the glimpses the remaining gnomes are sending our way? It seemed a steady stream of the patrons have been leaving the tavern, with few entering. Not uncommon for the hour, but the ones left were all the warriors and the guards that came with us. And they all seemed to have stopped drinking, never a good sign.

After the food arrived, Coppernose brought the shots over to us. They all took the shot and it seemed to immediately effect Omega, Carrisa, and Oog-Rok. The first two started “whispering” about getting more shots. I’m sure they thought they were being quiet, but drunks always do. Oog-Rok just giggled!! After a few minutes, Omega and Carrisa rushed to the bar to acquire another shot. Neferiti followed them, to keep them out of trouble, I’m assuming, then waved at the table for help. Idrathor went to help her and I stayed with the goblin, who was uncommonly quite since our arrival to city! After a small conversation, the other two received more drinks and then Omega came running back to the table, tried to do a flip off of something (maybe he misjudged the placement of a table or chair) and ended up on his head and completely unconscious. Neferiti decided to put the half of our party that was drunk to bed. We received the location of our rooms (the top floor at the back of the hall) and we placed them into their perspective beds and the remaining of us went back downstairs. After a period of time, a conscious but still inebriated Omega and Carrisa made their way downstairs. Lady Kellien came back and stated we had been granted an audience with the council in three days and until that time we would be allowed to roam the city, under escort, as we wished. Coppernose tried to wring us for information, saying that an audience with the council was rare and we must have dire news if we were granted one. We didn’t give him any information, must have been frustrating for a barkeep! But he did tell us that the council was made up of elected officials from their perspective castes, not sure if that makes our job easier or harder.

After a good night’s sleep, we gathered downstairs and were informed that the free stay was only for one night and we would have to pay for the rest of our stay ourselves. I wanted a room where we could all be together but there were no private rooms large enough, so we ended up getting three private rooms. We went separate ways to explore the city: Neferiti and Carrisa went shopping, Idrathor and I went to the Library and Magic areas, and Omega and Oog-Rok (still don’t know if that was wise) went off looking for gods know what! I was able to find a scroll with a spell I can learn once these bracelets are off. Then we went in search of the library. We had trouble with the head curator at first, until Idrathor showed her the pass Lady Kellien had given us, she then grudgingly and disrespectfully, inquired on our needs. Idrathor pulled an old tome with the markings of his god on it and inquired on if they could decipher it. Doesn’t the fool realize I can cast a spell that would allow me to read any language? The curator changed her tone as soon as she opened the tome and started to look through the pages. She announced that she couldn’t decipher it without some research, but Idrathor would not leave it with them. Next, we went to a temple to his god and he asked the priest there if they could read it. (I’m sure I told him before I could cast that spell) They also were excited to see the writing but also stated they could not read the inscriptions without some research. Idrathor agreed to leave it with them. (fool) We headed back to the Inn, I expected for one of the others to have been arrested or some such, but they were all there (again Oog-Rok has been unusually calm. Did the bracelets have a side effect to him? Could we use them for him for good?)

Now we just await the meeting with the council to tell them of the Dracolich’s and Temple’s interest in this new magic they found and their decision on what to do about this. The party will also have to decide what to do after delivering the information. It seems we have wondered from one thing to the next since the Temples announcement just over week ago, (has so short of time passed with so drastic of changes?) with no idea on what we plan to do, besides the immediate task. Maybe I should ask my new friends for help finding the “force for good” if the Gnomes are not it.

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