Chapter One

From the Journal of Omega
16th Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237.

Leaving the church….

So right now I am currently sitting in the home of Oog-rok and Idrathor. I had been investigating the Church’s dealings with the Dracolich for the past few years, not wanting to believe their involvement. I awoke this morning to a vision from Izual. There was a raven perched on my window sill and as I approached the Raven it flew at me. As I stumbled back I suddenly started seeing images running through my mind. There was a silhouette of a woman but she was hiding in shadows. There were ravens flying down to perch over her head. Then a voice whispered in my mind telling me of a darkness that was coming and of the sanctity of the dead. I felt angry, frustrated, and betrayed all at the same time. Only, they weren’t my feelings… They were just so strong….I saw corpses brought back to life, the world was out of balance, then dead ARISING again… Then I heard the woman’s voice again, even stronger and more powerful. She said “You must stop this… you are the one chosen for this task, set here to bring forth balance for the dead”

I was not sure what to think until there was a meeting held in the town square today. They called the whole town in and informed us that we were now under the control of the Dracolich. It seems that all the evidence I had been gathering was actual true. Nadir returned today along with a large number of “Izual” followers he brought back from the Dracolich region. He had been sent to investigate the Dracolich and, upon his return, persuaded the church to join them, saying that the Dracolich follows Izual and we should align with Him. The church had taken the political leaders and a few of the citizens hostage for execution tomorrow morning. Then I was asked to go with a Nadir and a large number of other monks to attack a fort just about a day’s walk away. I was also asked to investigate the local Bar owner Neferiti. There were rumors that she had ties back to the Capital and may pose a threat to the Church’s plans.

I was unsure what to do. I did some investigating and praying and after some time my prayers were answered. I have decided to join these people in their quest to bring down the church and its power over the city. This isn’t what Izual would have wanted and I’m sure of it. My vision, coupled with prayer in the sacred grove, and an answer in the form of a Raven and a Goblin helped me make up my mind. I need to stop this treason and put an end to the tyranny of the church. Instead of going with the other monks I went with our small group of misfits tonight and we rescued some of the prisoners that were being held hostage in the Governors house. We barely managed to rescue the prisoners without dying, a couple of the other people in our group were knocked unconscious. I had to stabilize them so they wouldn’t die…. I don’t know how Izual feels about it…. I almost feel like I should have just sent them to meet her but i need them in order to complete my quest. We are now sitting in the home of Idrathor and Oog-rok recovering from our wounds. I spent the last few hours meditating and have FINALLY unlocked the power of my Ki. I don’t know how I am going to apply it but we only have a few short hours to save the remaining hostages before the execution tomorrow morning. We need to act fast. I just hope I serve Izual in the way she desires…. I will write more when I can find time.

From the Journal of Darion
16th Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237

My mystic instructor suggested I keep a journal/log. He thought it would help calm my “chaotic” mind and make it more orderly and open to the magic.

Hadn’t had any reason to give it a shot until now.

I came out to this remote town (What’s the name of it again?) on a whisper of a lead. A lead that might take me to some…force that could/would fight against the God Lich.

Two weeks I’ve been here; the only thing I found was a band of “adventurers” and some old friends (Neferiti and Carrisa), that was a pleasant surprise. The “adventurers” were not what I was looking for. More glory hounds than anything. After fame and fortune. They could kill a squirrel and expect praise for it.
I was just about to give up and leave when the local church, the real power in the town, took every one of importance in the town. They even took those fool “adventurers”. They took Carrisa’s father. The church said they were going to execute their prisoners and they (and the town) were allying themselves with the Dracolich.

We weren’t going to let that happen. Neferiti got some people together (the help from her bar!!). The drow bartender, the giggling goblin (still not sure what he does around the place), a half demon from the church, Carrisa, and myself.
The goblin handled himself pretty good (I already knew Neferiti and Carrisa could), at least in the beginning. We rescued the “adventurers” (they turned tail and ran, figures) but we didn’t find Carrisa’s father.

Still don’t know about know about the Demon. He was part of the church but he’s helping us. He saved the goblin and Carrisa when they went down. He bandaged and stablized them. So, I guess he deserves the benefit of the doubt, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be watching him. He serves the Goddess of Death! All this could be his way of making sacrafices to his Goddess!!

The drow likes to hang back and to clean his shot glasses. He casts spells of some sort. A mage?

We are resting and getting ready to go into the church’s underground to look for the towns people and Carrisa’s father. I feel stronger. I can feel the Magic right there just out of reach. Maybe it was seeing that drow casting spells in combat. Maybe it was almost dying. I don’t know.

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