Chapter Five

From the Journal of Omega
21st Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237

We made it to the mines. From what the miners said they had ran into something really big and dangerous in the mine so they attacked it. It exploded and released a ton of poison gas, killing a lot of the miners. That’s why the sent that guy to town, to try to ask for help. After being told what was going on, the miners decided it was best if they just packed up and left so they gave us some maps of their mines and we said goodbye. I’m not sure I trust Idrathor, not that I really trust any of these people, but you discover something new about him everyday that he “forgot” to tell you. Even his close friends don’t know whats going on…. anyway, we entered the mine and continued through until we came upon the spot where the poison was. After clearing the poison, we entered the newly opened cavern where we were greeted by shrieking mushrooms. These little creatures were so loud and obnoxious, it almost gave me pleasure to end their lives. I’m pretty sure Izual isn’t taking souls from creatures like these, they will be lost souls, no doubt. While ridding the cavern of these shrieking shrooms, we were also attacked by living fungi. Apparently, they feed on creatures that lose their way. We encountered one of those giant monsters the miners talked about. It was more like a giant floating ball of gas. When touched, it explodes and releases the gas into the air.

After the room was clear we moved into the next cavern where we were met by mushroom people. Things got a little tense when Carissa immediately went up and killed one of them, but it turns out they are really relaxed and do nothing but sit around and hallucinate on the spores they release. I refused to cloud my mind with their drug but some of the others accepted. We got the all clear from them and were told we would no longer be attacked as we traveled through mushroom people lands.

We spent days traveling in the dark tunnels, we were even attacked by a couple packs of Dark Elves. We managed to loot a bunch of items of their bodies that proved to be a pretty powerful addition to our team.

We came across a room full of what appeared to be giant floating bats. We were able to sneak around them without too much trouble, other than yet another thing that Idrathor “forgot” to tell us… There are parts of the tunnels that, when you use magic, will have a wild magic effect and random stuff can happen that could be detrimental to your life. Would have been nice to know before casting a bunch of stuff that could have killed us as a bi product. oooops, sorry guys, I forgot….

We managed to make it to the gnomish kingdom now and we are being escorted to the town now. Hopefully we can discover what the church was after. Maybe it can uncover some clues to how we can defeat this Dracolich that is plaguing this region and we can finally bring balance back to this world.

From the Journal of Darion
21st Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237

We headed to the mine to look for a way into the Gnomes tunnels, it took a couple days walk to there. As we were walking up, the miners came out and greeted us. They were happy to see Idrathor but confused. After a talking to them we discovered that they had sent the foreman to get help and expected guards to show up.

It turns out that they had discovered a new tunnel with a vein of sapphires they were excited about, but they encountered a large spherical floating creature. When they attacked it, it exploded and emitted a poisonous gas and killed many of the miners. They escaped from the tunnels and sent for help. We told them of the developments with the Temple and how the town survivors were making their way to the capital. The miners packed up and headed out as we headed into the mine.

We made it to the new tunnel quickly and Idrathor used a magical fan he had acquired in the Temple to create gusts of wind to clear out the gas.

As we ventured into the tunnel and entered a large cavern where we encountered a huge mushroom that screamed. Along with the mushrooms, we ran into other fungus that lashed out at us with tentacles, and one of those floating spheres. It had one huge eye and alot of stalks coming from it. We were able to handle these creatures relatively easy. But when we made it to the next cavern, there were lots of human shaped and sized mushrooms. We tried to talk to them, but they charged us and sprayed some kind of spores at the party, luckily, they didn’t reach me. We fought with the mushroom men for a bit, a couple of the party seemed to get affect by the spores, they stopped moving. After a brief battle, it became apparent that the mushroom men were not attacking us but only defending themselves from what they perceived as an attack from us; the shrieking mushrooms we had fought earlier were guards for their gardens, what we took as an attack was only a way of warning.

After working things out with the mushroom men, we were able to get directions out of their territories and headed toward the Gnomes. We traveled for days. At first, we used lanterns to light our way but we were ambushed by a party of Drow. They were not friendly like Idrathor. After the first encounter, we decided to go without the lantern. Most of the party were able to see in the dark except Carissa and I, they lead us. I don’t mind telling you, that was the worst experience of all, being completely blind and dependent on someone else. Thankfully, Neferiti was there and I had spent time and spilled blood with the others or I wouldn’t have been able to do that. We encountered, and battled, another band of Drow and some kind of living ooze (it damaged Oog-Rok’s Rapier so much, he threw it at it. It also damaged Neferiti’s armor). We encountered a group of large bats, but Idrathor cast a spell to cause all sound around us to be silenced and we were able to avoid fighting them.

We also encountered a group of giant spiders. As they attacked us, I cast a spell. All of a sudden I grew, at least twice my normal size. I didn’t know what was going on. I cast another spell at the spiders and all of a sudden, a fog appeared. Underground!! That’s when Idrathor told us that there were “wild magic” areas. Areas that, when you cast magic, can cause random results. We encountered a weird type of spider with the giant spiders. These spiders were invisible until they attacked us. There were two of them. After we killed one, the other turned invisible again. We waited and readied our weapons, waiting for the spider to become visible again. When it finally did, we disposed of it.

We came to yet another cavern when Idrathor warned us that there were figures setting an ambush. We moved forward and Idrathor cast his globes of light to light our way and lit up the figures. We had found the Gnomes and they were ready to attack us. We tried to talk to them, but they saw my companions as a Drow, Orc, Goblin, and Demon. They didn’t trust us. We were able to get them to listen to us, but they would only talk to me and Carissa. We told them of the Temples plans to invade their tunnels for some new magic. The leader of the Gnomes was very surprised when we mentioned this. She told us that they had just discovered a type of Sapphire that had some magical properties that allowed them to animate their constructs. She told us this was a closely guarded secret and was surprised the Temple knew about it. We told her we wanted to help them and she agreed to take us to to their leaders.

With the Gnomes were a couple of their constructs. These were metal statues walking and following the Gnomes’ orders. They were wondrous but I shutter to think what the Temple or the Dracolich could do with an army of these! Could the Gnomes be the force I was told about? Could they, with their new magic, be the hope of the people?

From the Journal of Idrathor
21st Day of Dawntide, in the Year of the Lich 5237

A new day dawns and a new set of challenges await us. After a brief argument on our destination we agreed to head for the mines, I disagree with this course of action but at least I can see if my family is alive and well or…or if those bastards from the temple took them

The temple never made for the mines! They live! most of them…Isaac and a group of miners went down into the mines to make a new tunnel…when something happened…poison gas of some kind…If only I had been here…I might have helped…or I may have joined them in that tunnel…as prey to those things…so much death…but death is just a part of life…Izual and Tuyom the Goddesses of death and life in an everlasting dance, for without life there can be no death, and without death there can be no new life, we are preparing to go into the mines…maybe I can give my friends a proper burial

We found the Gas cloud…with the wind fan we obtained it was a fairly simple obstacle…but beyond the gas was something different. Screaming mushrooms…floating gas-bags…and mushroom people…Myconids I think is what they called themselves…we thought them hostile and attacked first killing one of them only to find they are quite peaceful even letting us partake in one of their cultural beliefs. They pointed us out of their kingdom and on the right track (hopefully) as we journeyed we ran into Drow! My Kind! But they attacked us unprovoked and we were forced to retaliate. We defeated them fairly easily…the more we fight the more I realize how fragile the balance is. Life is a delicate flower, it grows and blooms and is fleeting and beautiful. While death is the everlasting pine tree, never ending. Life is a sweet lie because it is brief, and death is a sad and painful truth. This is the reason why I value life…its briefness, its Serenity. It is precious. In my 236 years, I have seen much death. My birth parents and many of my human family and friends, but I do not mourn them…I celebrate their lives and what they stood for.

Ambushed by Drow again. Then there were these huge bats! bigger than a man! Luckily, we were able to use a magic spell that made it so no sound could be heard and we passed them unnoticed. After that we journeyed on once again and came across giant spiders that attacked us. They were easy enough but even larger spiders appeared out of thin air! It was quite the interesting fight! The Starless vaults have many challenges including pockets of wild magic! Due to these pockets Darion grew to the size of an Ogre! He barely fit inside the tunnel, then we were thrown into a strange mist that came out of nowhere, luckily it blew away. After the battle…and Oog-rok collected his spider meat we journeyed on only to be attacked by some sort of ooze monster that was acidic and burned through both Oog-rok’s rapier and part of Neferiti’s armor but luckily our magic equipment was uneffected and it soon fell before us. I wonder what else the Starless Vaults have in store for us…and what other dangers will befall us…I hope to find the Gnomes quickly and rejoin civilization.

We found them! A party of Gnomes with magnificent Constructs. Thank Tuyom! Though they are at war with the Drow and therefore do not trust me…I do not blame them. They gave us goggles to allow our party who can not see in the dark navigate…but my eyes were transfixed on something else entirely…the beauty of the Gnome Kellein Gearheart.

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