Goblin Paladin of the Gods


A goblin born in Freymere previous Capitol of the Rysan Lords to two of the best goblins known in the region. His father head of the Freymerian order 2ND largest in the mid east region named head Knight billock. His mother was the order’s infiltration specialist bask.


At an early age Oog-rok learned of his parents true plan for him. He was to venture to unclaimed lands and grow the order to support their upcoming major war efforts. The teachings of Ugh-ma state: children born of the order must show the truth to those who do not yet know to prove their natural born rank. Sent to Grexteeza at the age of 9 for study and eventual expansion of the providence.

Oog-rok is a normal sized goblin, clean shaven bald, often smelly, finds himself back to his goblin ways laughing at the wrong times way too much, and loves to mimic the upper echelon of human culture to the best of his ability.

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