Therai “Alpha” Bhrianson

Tiefling Way of the Long Death Monk

Description: omega

A Tiefling who was born to the church of Izual, Omega was raised to believe he was a Godsend to bring the church of Izual into Power. Trained in the ways of Death, Omega became proficient at a very young age in the art of killing. Only when he started to interact with a little goblin did he learn about other religious beliefs and views concerning death. The tiny creature tried to teach him about the sanctity of being laid to rest and informed Omega of the Church’s interactions with Necromancy. Omega spent years looking into the matter and praying for guidance. He started to receive visions about how the church was wrong and that he was actually brought here to bring about the fall of the Church instead of bringing it to Power.

Omega has since left the Church and follows the guidance he receives from visions of an exotic looking woman, pale of skin with raven black hair. Though he doesn’t yet know who this Goddess is, Omega swears to carry out her will. Could this be Izual herself? Or perhaps the workings of another deity?

Abandoning the worship of Izual, Omega abandoned his given name as well, taking up the moniker of Alpha, the new beginning, as he devoted himself to the worship of a new Goddess of the Dead, Keiral.


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