Idrathor Eleghod

Drow Cleric of Tuyom

idrathorA tall Drow raised by humans after his parents demise in a cave in as they fled the house of Maerdyn fleeing K’yori Maerdyn. As soon as he was able to he started helping in the mines he was found in but before long started working at the local Tavern which over his lifetime saw many owners. As his life progressed he watched the Church of Izual grow and grow and have more of an impact on the town so his beliefs in Tuyom eventually had to be hidden else he feared for his and his families lives. To do this he distanced himself from most the town living alone on the outskirts where he met two goblins who believed in a different way and started to teach him the ways of magic and of goodness. With his training and his worship of Tuyom and his hate for killing, he decided not to become a Paladin like them but a Cleric of Life. When people were sick or injured he would discreetly heal them so he would not be discovered. Eventually over the years the Tavern got a new owner. A half Orc by the name of Neferti. She was a strict boss but a good one, though he did not approve of the new theme for the Tavern but it allowed him to use his dancing lights to a greater degree. During his explorations he found a secret chamber with a tomb in an unknown language with Tuyoms sigil upon its cover, now he has learned that Tuyom herself has written the book and has given him the honor of being its guardian. He had a good life until the Church decided to take over completely and side with the Dracolich Zyrephilyam. So teaming up with some other people they tried to stop them and in the process revealed his true colors and what he was capable of. This journey has now led them to the underdark where he has discovered who he was and that he had a brother now dead.

Idrathor vanished mysteriously while the party was exploring the deadlands of Desrain, vanishing into the swamps while the party rested from a fight, leaving only his blessed book of Tuyom behind.  The party still wonders what became of their companion…


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