Gajdael Darkstone

Deep Gnome Gunslinger

Description: gajdael

Small and gray skinned the middle aged body of the now 3 century old gnome is a medium build but nimble tinker with dark black and golden eyes that gleam with a clever and ever thinking intelligence. Among the row of canines teeth is one golden tooth that shines amid his black goatee. His expression usually grim but much less than other deep gnomes. He chooses to dress nicely his leather armor cleverly arranged as a suit and tie and a criss-cross belt of unique bullets cover them some now empty as a result of a battle. Looped to this is a box containing a menagerie of tools and opposite this a holster housing his beloved Charm pistol with its ornamental clockwork design. His most prominent feature is his scar that runs parallel to the ground running through his left side eye.

Sadly, Gajdael was slain while protecting the parties airship from a pride of manticores when the party split to explore some tunnels.


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