Carrisa Trill

Halfling Swashbuckling Rogue


Lightfoot halfling, fast and sneaky and definitely pretty.  Born and raised in the Capital mostly by her grandfather that was a very well known jeweler but in secret was teaching her how to be sneaky and pick locks and, with lots of practice, she got very good at all what she was doing.

From a socially point of view, she never developed any skills and until this day she has a lack of personal space, sometimes this causes her a bit of trouble among the others.

She seems greedy and sometimes even selfish (especially when fine gems are involved) but deep inside her heart she cares about the rest and would do anything to save a life.  She has no fear to pick up her magical rapier and stab the enemy straight in the heart (or sometimes wherever she reaches since she is very short). She is reliable and very loyal to her friends and especially to her family. She is young and looking forward to new adventures.


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