Ancient Dracolich

Over a thousand years in the past, the black dragon Zyrephilyam completed the dark ritual to become a dracolich and terrorized the world. He was defeated by an ancient goliath hero by the name of Rovaak. Unable to destroy the dragon’s phylactery gem, they sealed it inside a silver box, locking it with arcane sigils and hiding it away from the world in a sacred glade watched over by the druids of the realm.

Somehow, the God Lich gained control of the Zyreph’s gem, and was able to give the dracolich rebirth in an ancient gold dragon’s bones. Upon his rise back to undeath, Zyreph took out his revenge on the region that had once defeated him, and laid waste to the Feywild on the God Lich’s behalf.

He then took ownership of the northern realms.

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