Neferiti Bomani

Half-Orc Champion Fighter, Bar Owner, Ambassador

Once a member of the stalwart group of adventurers, Neferiti’s life changed drastically when she discovered that her brother, Nadir, had been corrupted by the Church of Izual to serve the interests of the Dracolich in the north.  Sworn to save her brother from them, that all ended when Oog-rok, the Paladin of the Gods, ended Nadir’s life to stop his evil.  Distraught by her brother’s death, she burned her tavern to the ground, ending her ties with the town of Eshelor and swearing to bring vengeance upon  the forces of evil that had turned her brother against them all.neferiti

She traveled to the gnomish kingdom, helping the party to rid the menace of the drow against that fair city, once again encountering her brother, now risen from the dead and swearing unholy vengeance upon her new allies.  The ordeal took a heavy toll upon her, and she fell unusually silent on the party’s trip back from the slaying of K’yori Maerdyn, the Crystal Wraith.

Alone with her thoughts, she was approached by Kellein Gearheart, the Minister of Magic.  Unbeknownst to the party at the end, Kellein was the leader of an order known as The Broken Cog, a group of younger gnomes who felt that gnomish isolation needed to end.  Knowing that Neferiti was the daughter of a noble woman in Shanaval, Kellein asked if she would act as an ambassador between their two nations, to attempt to forge an alliance, should Kellein be able to sway the council to join the world above.

Neferiti agreed, deciding to help in this new capacity, one that would place her far away from the visages of her brother’s unholy countenance. 

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