Revenant Monk of Izual

A half-orc that rose to prominence in the Church of Izual, Nadir was tasked with a mission to head to the northern kingdom of Argamah to work with a branch of the Church there. He was gone for many years, and when he returned to Eshelor, he was a changed man from when he had left.nadir

Leaner, harder, and with a new death mask over his face, Nadir returned with a contingent of forces from the northern realms, including several high priests who announced that the Church of Izual was now an ally with the dracolich of the north, the undying lord of Argamah, Zyrephilyam (Zyreph).

Preparing to help Zyreph in taking over the region he entrusted the army to his childhood ally, Omega, with leading the assault. When Omega failed to show, he sought him out in the town, hearing strange rumors that he had betrayed the church.

Deciding that it was his duty to return Omega to the church and bring him back into the ways of Izual, he attempted to subdue Omegas companions when they refused to tell him where Omega was. He was close to succeeding when the goblin paladin, oog-rok, summoned a divine mark against him, causing his blows to falter and fail.

He was knocked unconscious, failing in his mission to bring Omega back to the church. While laying there, a prisoner of Omega’s companions, Oog-rok awoke and slew him, piercing his skull with his rapier.

Alas, that was not the end of Nadir! Infused with the power of the Goddess Izual, Nadir was risen again as a revenant, hell-bent on revenge against the one who slew him in his sleep. He ambushed the party in the tunnels of the Starless Vaults, those deep underground tunnels full of malice and death. The party was able to deal with him, but he swore that he would never tire, never rest, until he saw the death of Oog-rok at his hands. As they landed the final killing blow, Nadir’s body turned to dust but they could feel his presence lingering on.

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