Kellein Gearheart

Queen of the Gnomes

The youngest of all the ministers, Kellein Gearheart was born after the wars, when the gnomish people had already sealed themselves away in hiding in the city of Komheim. She rose to prominence as a master mage at an early age, much to her father’s dislike. She is more open and trusting of outsiders, and seeks ways for the gnomes to rejoin the world at large, believing that they can help in the fight to overthrow the God Lich’s rule.Kellein Gearheart

Kellein Gearheart was the first to find the companions in the tunnels and was willing to look past their outside countenance and have faith in their stories. She spoke in their favor on the council and was a stalwart advocate for allowing them to live and be welcomed in the Kingdom.

Kellein Gearheart is a firm believer that the times of gnomish isolation needs to end, and they need to rejoin the people’s of the world, especially their neighbors to the south, in Shanaval.  While being young, she is still a prominent member of gnomish society and the leader of a movement of like minded gnomes, known as the The Broken Cog.

During the time that the adventurers were in the city, Kellein asked for their assistance in a matter that would have placed her father on the throne of the gnomes, fearful that his isolanionst policies would continue to cause issues.  During the fallout of the death of one of the ministers, Kellein’s father pressed for a vote from the council, unknown to him that many ministers had sided with his daughter against him.  The fallout resulted in Kellein Gearheart being made the queen, the first monarch the gnomes had in centuries.

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