Player Characters

Carrisa Trill
Halfling Swashbuckling Rogue
Human Bladesinger Wizard
omegaTherai "Alpha" Bhrianson
Tiefling Way of the Long Death Monk
Goblin Paladin of the Gods (and Vengeance)
Elohcin Laurel Faye
Wood Elf Druid of the Moon
Yuan-ti Pureblood Loremaster

Non-Player Characters

K'yori MaerdynK'yori Maerdyn
The Crystal Wraith
Kellein GearheartKellein Gearheart
The Minister of Magic
A monk in service of Izual
neferitiNeferiti Bomani
Half-Orc Champion/Bar Owner/Ambassador
god-lichThe God Lich
A powerful lich that rules the majority of the world.
The Dracolich of the North

Gone But Not Forgotten

gajdaelGajdael Darkstone
Deep Gnome Gunslinger
vyuskanVyuskan Wraythas
Dragonborn Draconic Sorcerer
idrathorIdrathor Eleghol
Drow Cleric of Tuyom

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