House Rules

House Rules will be discussed in the Forum Post. See that post for additional details. Summary Rules are available here.

1) Roll for HP on level up. If you roll less than average (Half +1) then take the average. (For example, if you roll a 1d8 for HP and roll less than a 5, take a 5). This way no one gets gimped on bad HP rolls since combat in the campaign is tough.

2) All players must use paper sheets, character sheets will be left at DM’s house. This will make it possible to play if a person misses a session. With people using electronic character sheets or taking their sheets home, we have no way of knowing what their stats are.

3) Climb Onto A Bigger Creature – Small and Medium creatures can attempt to climb onto Huge or Gargantuan creatures per DMGguidelines (can discuss further if this comes up).

4) Disarm – Make an attack contested against opponents Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks. No damage – enemy is disarmed.

5) Tumble – As an action or bonus action, Dexterity (Acrobatics) vs Dexterity (Acrobatics) to move through a hostile opponents space.

6) Cleaving – When a melee attack reduces an undamaged creature to 0 hit points, any excess damage from that attack might carry over to another creature nearby. Target another creature within reach; if original attack roll can hit it, deal excess damage to it. If also undamaged and reduced to 0, continue until no more valid targets or carried over damage fails to reduce undamaged creature to 0.

7) Magic Items – Touching a magic item will no longer automatically tell you it’s magic. Spending an hour studying it during a short rest will no longer identify the item’s properties. Detect Magic can be used to determine if there are magical items (Can be cast as a Ritual by those who have ritual casting and have it prepared). You can identify a magic item the following ways: Identify Spell. Trial and Error (I put on the boots and try jumping? No. I try running fast… etc). Attunement (attempting to attune to an item, which may or may not work if the item does not require attunement. Identify spell can tell you if it requires attunement, otherwise you have to try and see if anything happens). I believe these rules highlight the importance of the two spells that exist, that are somewhat mitigated by the “anyone that touches it can figure it out” default rule that takes a bit away from magic items.

8) In character journal entries reward inspiration at start of next session, provided they properly recap the previous session from your character’s perspective (one single line about how the previous event was cool with no details does not award inspiration). Character Journals should be placed under the Adventure Log section of the website.

9) Spell Points Variant. Spellcasting Characters will use Spell Points instead of Spell Slots, per DMG rules. Handouts will be provided to help calculations.

10) Milestone Leveling. We will be using Milestone Leveling instead of XP.

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