Drift Chronolog 1

After riding through the jungle on my panther companion. I made it to the gnome town and found the adventurers from my dream minus 1. I’m sure he’ll prove useful on our journey later. For now I’m in the service to a group of cutters that seem to be looking into this god litch. They said something about helping clear out a temple. Sounds exciting.

Lot of gnomes and kobolds are in the dead book now. 🙁

I defeated my first door since coming here. Just call me door slayer Drift!

This place is hotter than me! slightly annoying and seems to be upsetting the group. There are also lots of patrols down here and not many places to hide. I mean we did come here to clear this place for the gnomes but this might take a while maybe we could leave and rest back at the front door. Hmm wonder if Darion has arcane lock that would be nice. Now we’re just chilling in this hole with some dusties we killed to get some armor. The smell of fresh dusties reminds me of the hive. Glad I got out.

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