Darion Journal 20

We had just completed a much needed rest when Alpha brought me a scroll he had found on the dead wizard that the demon had sent to help us. I was able to determine the spell on the scroll was a powerful spell called Planer Shift!!! It seems the demon has kept his side of the bargain! My soul is doomed!

I attempted to cast the spell from the scroll. From what I could grasp of the spell, it was anchored to a plane and casting the spell would take me to that plane but we had no idea which plane. The party decided to take the chance and I casted the spell.

It happened in a blink of an eye. One second we were trapped on whatever plane the hags had us on and the next were weren’t. We weren’t sure at first where we were then Anbrireih’s memories flared and he recognized it as the Ethereal Plane; a plane close to our home plane.

We wondered in one direction (or what we thought was, my sense of direction still was not working) for a period of time then tried to double back but got lost. Elochin decided to ask for direction from her gods. On the information she received, we found and stepped through a “curtain” (for lack of a better word) of light. We came to another plane, still not our own (that demon couldn’t just take us straight back, could he). This new plane had the look of once being a lush jungle but now it was just had a feel of death.

We encountered a lost soul (literally). It was the trapped soul of an elf named Silvantress(?). She told of the destruction of her world by a black demon that slew all her people. I was on guard when we first met her (I didn’t have a love of ghosts!) but she was helpful and gave us information on how to cross over to our plane.

We again crossed to another plane, this time coming to our own plane; my senses had come back! We were able to determine that it was the 28th of Flamesun, we had lost more time to the planes. Where on our plane we had no idea. Not even Anbrireih could say for sure.  A giant lizard appeared, it stood over 15 ft tall, walked on two legs, and had a long powerful tail it used as a weapon.  It had grabbed Oog-Rok in it’s mouth but Alpha, who had ran up it’s tail, finished it before it could harm him.

Anbrireih used a spell to fly up and scout the area. He saw what seemed to be people riding on some type of flying creature. We also heard noises coming from that direction, so we decided to head that way.  As we neared the area, we saw a village; as the rest of us took cover in the trees to examine the village, Alpha walked out and up to the village. He was met by what looked to be Gnomes. He talked with them for a bit and then gestured toward us. Since they seemed to be friendly, the rest of us left the cover and approached the greeting party.

They were a village of Gnomes but their civilization was primitive compared to what we knew but they were friendly and opened their homes to us. Their leader was and older Gnome named Merabeth(?).  We were told that there would be a huge feast in our honor (actually Alpha’s) for killing the giant lizard (which they called a “Roar Snap Snap”). We also found out we were on a forgotten continent South and West of our continent. It seems this is where the Dragonkin came from.

While we rested, I attempted to send a message to the Gnome Queen for assistance. She was less than happy with our silence up until now and said as much. She said to contact her again when we had made it back to our continent. I also contacted Zelday(?) on the airship to fill them in. She said they had made “upgrades” to the boat.

At the feast,  Merabeth(?) told us about the coming of, what we determined were, Elves and  the “golden scale” they brought with them that they said “would save the world.” This sounded like one of the items that we were looking for! They placed it in “the shrine of the gods.”

Merabeth(?) told us of the death of the Dragonkin’s god and their exodus from this continent. She also told us that their path to the shrine was blocked by a village of evil (Dragonkin/Orcs) and asked us to free the shrine so they might visit it again.

Oog-Rok and Carrisa were chosen (because they were the only ones that could ride them) to learn to ride the Gnomes flying creatures. (These were creatures I had never seen before.) Their training started the morning after the feast.

Alpha and the rest of us went looking for herbs for him to make potions. During our hunting trip, we also found an Ironwood tree. Anbrireih was excited about it and said that it could be used to make armor. After Alpha made several attempts to chop down the tree with the axe the Gnomes had given him, I offered to use a spell I had that might work. I cast the spell a few times, causing quite the racket, but am able to bring the tree down and to break off enough bark to satisfy Anbrireih. I must have made more of a racket than I thought because half the tribe came looking for a battle. Alpha convinced them that the noise was him chopping down the tree, which they saw as an impossible feat, and drag the rest of the tree back to the village for them to salvage and trade to the remaining Dragonkin.

The Gnomes held another feast and Alpha told of our battle with hags and spread the word of his goddess, Kiera.

Merabeth(?) gave Oog-Rok and Carrisa a boon. They were each given a necklace that would help them with their flying training. Each necklace was enchanted with a Feather Fall spell making it less dangerous for them to learn. That might had been better to give to them BEFORE they started!

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