Darion Journal 19

During our rest, 13 collapsed into basically a coma. We couldn’t wake him but he was breathing. We decided to let him rest to see if he came out of it. He awake and told us his real name was Anbrireih and that he had just recovered some of his memories from days past.


While we rested Alpha used his gem to restore Carrisa’s health that was taken by the witches and Elochin healed her and me and gave out good berries to all of usto help with healing.

After all our preparation, we descended the stairs.

We found a path at the bottom of the stairs and took it. After a time, we were met by the same snake lady that we saw at lizardmen’s village at a shore to a lake. We traveled across to the other side, we saw a hugh skull looking building looming in the distance. We were met by lizardmen on the other shore and were told to continue on to the skull. We walked up a trail to the skull and were met at the door by two flaming skulls and were informed we had to offer our “greatest prize” too make a trade with the Night Lady.

We entered and were greeted by an elven woman sitting behind a desk in the center of the room. She asked if we wanted to make a trade with the Lady; Alpha offered a comb he had since his childhood but the elven lady says his faith and memories of Keira are his greatest prize and that would have to be what he offered. All of us would lose our knowledge of Keira. We asked to have some time to deliberate and were shown to a room a balcony that went around the inside of this skull structure.

The room was sparse, only having a bed and a mirror. Alpha immediately covered the mirror with a blanket from the bed. He did no trust it. He did not want to lose the knowledge of his goddess. We came up with a plan to have Carrisa to sneak and try to find what we needed. Elochin casted Invisibility on her and she went out the door. I started to ritual cast Detect Magic to see if there was anything to this mirror but when the door opened, the blanket fell off of the mirror. Out of instinct I reached for the blanket and my gaze fell on the mirror. The next thing I knew I found myself in an area filled with mist. I couldn’t hear any of the others, I called out but no one answered.

I was lost for what seemed forever and a few minutes at the same time. Seeing no way back, no matter which way I went I did not see anything different, I decided to start a fire and complemented using the token the creature had given me back in the swamp. Knowing the creature was evil but not knowing any other way, I casted the token into the fire, summoning the creature.

I asked what he wanted from me and he answered my soul! That’s all. I tell it that in return it would have to help us with the defeat of the witches and return all of  us to our natural plane. It agrees and sends me back.

I appear back in the room with my companions, the mirror broken on the floor, also with us are four others, who are ready to fight the hags. The creature has given us help, I hope it is enough.

Upon hearing the breaking of the glass, there is a scream from out the door. Carrisa isn’t back and a couple others, Alpha and Oog-Rok, are outside on the balcony. At the scream all hell breaks loose. Everyone pours out the door, when I get to the balcony I see the three hags have appeared; two on the balcony and the elven woman has revealed herself to be another.

We were able to take down two of them before the third disappeared; we lost a couple of the four strangers. As we began to take stock of our situation, the two flaming skulls came in. We battle them and the third hag reappeared and Oog-Rok went down. He was hurt too bad for us to reach him in time and he expired! By this time both skulls are down and only one of the strangers are alive. Carrisa yells out for the hag to restore Oog-Rok and we would make a deal. She would only do this if every one lay down their arms. We all agreed except for the stranger. The hag casted a spell and he fell unconscious. Her price for bring Oog-Rok back is a new born baby. AND WE AGREE!! What have I become?!?!

But after she restored Oog-Rok, Alpha struck at her. We would not have to see if we would have gone through with giving this hag the child! We are able to finish the remaining hag and Anbrireih cast his hut in the doorway to block entry. We rest and take stock of our situation and to loot!! I don’t know what is to become of me. So far this creature has held up his end. If he gets us back to our plane, my soul is his!!

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