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Gather round, young and old, and read the tales of heroes bold.  Those who were brave, strong and true, who fought the God Lich for me and you.

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Drift Chronolog 1

After riding through the jungle on my panther companion. I made it to the gnome town and found the adventurers from my dream minus 1. I’m sure he’ll prove useful on our journey later. For now I’m in the service to a group of cutters that seem to be looking into this god litch. They said something about helping clear out a temple. Sounds exciting.

Lot of gnomes and kobolds are in the dead book now. 🙁

I defeated my first door since coming here. Just call me door slayer Drift!

This place is hotter than me! slightly annoying and… Continue reading

Darion Journal 20

We had just completed a much needed rest when Alpha brought me a scroll he had found on the dead wizard that the demon had sent to help us. I was able to determine the spell on the scroll was a powerful spell called Planer Shift!!! It seems the demon has kept his side of the bargain! My soul is doomed!

I attempted to cast the spell from the scroll. From what I could grasp of the spell, it was anchored to a plane and casting the spell would take me to that plane but we had no idea which… Continue reading

Anbrireih farewell

As I regained conciousnes the party offered me a gem and a staff upon looking at the staff I deduced it would be more suited to alpha to use. The gem improved my spellcasting though only slightly. I should never have spoken my concern with Darion over the scroll of planeshift. Humans can be so reckless it seems as the journey through the ethereal plane was tiresome. We eventually made our way to the feywild then crossed over to the material. But we ended up on a new continent a jungle island where we encountered a massive reptilian creature. After… Continue reading

Who am I?

Ghec keklaan an a kaal. Duun an Ug-ma?

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Darion Journal 19

During our rest, 13 collapsed into basically a coma. We couldn’t wake him but he was breathing. We decided to let him rest to see if he came out of it. He awake and told us his real name was Anbrireih and that he had just recovered some of his memories from days past.


While we rested Alpha used his gem to restore Carrisa’s health that was taken by the witches and Elochin healed her and me and gave out good berries to all of usto help with healing.

After all our preparation, we descended the stairs.

We found… Continue reading

Anbrireih memory log 2

After the partial recovery of his memory the archmage Anbrireih made his way with his companions into the depths of the hags lair not knowing what lies in the deptbs. With a shudder a chill filled the air and he realized that a planar boundary was crossed. the fragility of his mind let doubt seep into him. Failure in his mind he followed, passed the envoy, the boat, the other lizard people and the flameskulls. Upon “greeting” the hag. The group was shown to a room to discuss our deal for the heartstone. While there Darion was taken by a… Continue reading

Darion Journal 18

This place is making me doubt the one thing I could always count on, my mind. We didn’t choose a path, I thought we did and had went down it but I blinked and we were back at the branch in the road!! First not being able to tell direction or the time and now not even being able to trust my memories!!

At the branch we argued and the mist took us again and we found ourselves at the beginning, when will we learn! We found our way back to the branch and chose to take the branch to… Continue reading

The Archmage Anbrireih

Before entering the final door the group paused to consider a rest after the battle with the revanents. The group agrees finding their way through the maze they come to the faces that would lead them to safety upon exiting we found that time passed faster inside the maze by talking with Thisheshushahsu. After we rested we made our way back into the mysterious maze were we found it had changed to a different path. Trudging through darkness we made our way back to the place where we needed. We came upon a trio of women sitting around a fire… Continue reading

Omega Journal #16

Its been a bit since I wrote last. Documenting my journey has been very difficult and finding time is not always possible. I have been cursed by the Night Lady who has drained me of my life. After a rough night of terrible dreams, Keiral came to me and informed me that we have drawn the attention of an evil presence that wants us dead. She blessed me with a gift, a small stone that will help us by removing the curse left on us by the evil creature, but only once. I can only assume this is the Night… Continue reading

Victory of Evil

An daan ghuugaan duun draaruun daan dhuugaan or ogech, ac taar dhuur Arthakhuur.  Raan ogech dhuugaan or daan Huul-Ken telaan arlac aklaar tac ghec rhaan dhec.  Aal drel khruur taan ar ar dher, rhor an daan khrec daac oc ac daan duush duuc dor aklaar duuc dor.  Laan shalkaan akuun shuukan der Khrarther okaan arlac.  Lec dhec drel khruur taan mel, a takaan dor or ogaac, rhor ar taal duun ghaan dar Khrarther man ar or dhuur ghaan. A shakuur draarekaan daan dhaal’dec ar rhec duun ghaan duun dhec dar khruur okec mal Arthakhuur draaklekekhaal’dec dhal’daac… Continue reading

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