Darion Journal 20

We had just completed a much needed rest when Alpha brought me a scroll he had found on the dead wizard that the demon had sent to help us. I was able to determine the spell on the scroll was a powerful spell called Planer Shift!!! It seems the demon has kept his side of the bargain! My soul is doomed!

I attempted to cast the spell from the scroll. From what I could grasp of the spell, it was anchored to a plane and casting the spell would take me to that plane but we had no idea which… Continue reading

Darion Journal 19

During our rest, 13 collapsed into basically a coma. We couldn’t wake him but he was breathing. We decided to let him rest to see if he came out of it. He awake and told us his real name was Anbrireih and that he had just recovered some of his memories from days past.


While we rested Alpha used his gem to restore Carrisa’s health that was taken by the witches and Elochin healed her and me and gave out good berries to all of usto help with healing.

After all our preparation, we descended the stairs.

We found… Continue reading

Darion Journal 18

This place is making me doubt the one thing I could always count on, my mind. We didn’t choose a path, I thought we did and had went down it but I blinked and we were back at the branch in the road!! First not being able to tell direction or the time and now not even being able to trust my memories!!

At the branch we argued and the mist took us again and we found ourselves at the beginning, when will we learn! We found our way back to the branch and chose to take the branch to… Continue reading

Darion Journal 17

17 Flame Sun

 I awoke after the celebration of Oog-Rok’s success. I had tried to do a Sending to Idrathor again, but I got the same results; nothing. I also attempted to cast Comprehend Languages on the Tome but it failed also. It seems I can’t read the tome without the god’s help. As we joined together, three of the members revealed they had some kind of dream/nightmare; Oog-Rok, Carrisa, and Alpha. There dreams were different but similar;  they got there desires but slaughtered their friends, us. Alpha said his goddess, Keiral, had come to him in… Continue reading

Darion Journal 16

We got ready to move after our “short” rest when we noticed that Idrathor had wandered off! He left his travel bag, so it didn’t seem he had planned to leave. Oog-Rok followed his tracks to a tree, not far from our camp. He called to us saying Idrathor was gone. We headed to Oog-Rok, I grabbed his travel pack as I went.

We searched for any trace of where he might of gone when 13 announced that Idrathor had vanished by magical means. I casted a sending spell to see if I could find out if he was okay,… Continue reading

Darion Journal 15

After a short rest (that seemed longer than it was), we decided to head toward the tendrils of smoke 13 saw in the distance. Before we headed out, we released the horses (I hope they can make it back to safety). It took us another day to get near our destination. As we approached it, Alpha wanted to race (???) for some reason, I tried to tell him “no” but Alpha must have heard “go” and he took off. With his ring, he wasn’t hindered by the bog of the swamp like the rest of us and he soon outdistanced… Continue reading

Darion Journal 14

After the sea burial, 13 came to me and asked to switch to the day guard shift, saying he wanted to see the sun and he wasn’t able to get to know Omega or Idrathor, since they were feuding. I switched with him, I needed to make sure of our heading anyway.

Days passed without issue. Looking back it would’ve been a good time to have traded spells with 13, but, at the time, I didn’t think we could take the time. On the sixth day since the burial, I was sleeping during the day when Carissa wakes us yelling… Continue reading

Darion Journal 13

As we got close enough, Idrathor cast a spell but of our four friends that we’re downed his healing could only reach one, Omega, the others were beyond his reach. Idrathor began asking for diamonds. But the ones we had weren’t good enough, he needed more. He finally decided to preserve their bodies with a spell and wait for us to get to the capital to try and get them. This outraged Omega, he said that wasn’t what they had taught him about death. After arguing a bit, he was done with talking to us and went down to his… Continue reading

Darion Journal 12

We traveled south after leaving the Gnomes. We planned on looking in on the city of Eshelor on the way to the capital, this would add about a week to our travel time. We decided to travel along the coast so that while the Gnome mage (Zildray (?)) was resting, we could sail the ship on the sea and keep going. We traveled for a few uneventful days, I learned what it took to make the ship work. It wasn’t a new magic, it used the magic that I had.

We were flying one day when Gajdael yelled out “Dragons”!… Continue reading

Darion Journal 11

We all made it out of the city, except Gajdael. Now we have to wait and see the consequences of our assassination. I still don’t know what to make of Gajdael. At first his short (no joke intended) attitude with us after the rescue and when we defeated the Crystal Hand and his men put me off. He was demanding of thinks like it was his right. After we made it back to the Gnome city, it came to light he was a “master craftsman” one of the elites. In my experience they are as bad as nobles. But he… Continue reading

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