Anbrireih farewell

As I regained conciousnes the party offered me a gem and a staff upon looking at the staff I deduced it would be more suited to alpha to use. The gem improved my spellcasting though only slightly. I should never have spoken my concern with Darion over the scroll of planeshift. Humans can be so reckless it seems as the journey through the ethereal plane was tiresome. We eventually made our way to the feywild then crossed over to the material. But we ended up on a new continent a jungle island where we encountered a massive reptilian creature. After it’s death we took some samples of it and made our way to the sounds of horns. We encountered some gnome barbarians who told us of an artifact located in the mountain. Apparently this was important for killing this god litch. The party was content in spending time with the gnomes  learning to ride a flying lizard and harvesting materials for potions. We found some wood as strong as iron that we harvested to potentially create some armor for myself and the party. I created a dagger out of the tooth that carrissa collected. But I feel like I need to find my own way this group has helped me so much but I can see they don’t need me I long to be a leader and they have one. I should focus on finding Scishar Ja Ur and recovering my memories perhaps then our paths may cross again.


Letter to Darion found with the crystal and a neatly torn page from a spellbook with the spell leomunds tiny hut written on it.


Our time to part ways has come. I leave you with the crystal and a gift. Perhaps our paths will cross again but I need to become stronger,   And you seem to have a capable leader. My presence is not needed. Thank you all.

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